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Whether it’s a pen you need or a newly designed and outfitted office space, our service level never changes. The personal approach we bring to every interaction with our customers ensures we get the right product to you, every time.     

Want to try a chair at your desk before you buy it? Or would you like someone to adjust that chair after observing how you work? Not a problem. This is all part of what we do. 

Have you run out of coffee for a next day meeting and its already 4pm? No problem.  Our free, next day, no minimum order service ensures you get what you need, when you need it. 

At Keeney’s, we save you time and money because we make it our jobs to know the most cost effective ways to improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace, with the right product every time.

Browse our online catalog for everything you need to kick productivity in your office into high gear. 

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