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Keeney’s believes that a sustainable workplace is one in which every work space is configured, outfitted and utilized with the user’s well being in mind.

Our ergonomic program is extensive. We provide a wide range of true ergonomic products such as sit-to-stand workstations, ergonomic keyboards, chairs, and practically any other product that helps office workers stay healthy. We provide highly adjustable and flexible furniture and seating options from a number of manufacturers to accommodate any work style or medical need. Working with ergonomists, health and safety officers and our customers, we develop cost-effective solutions that go beyond what you’d expect from a full-service office supplier. A few of the things we consider include:

  • Proper desk height along with keyboard height
  • Proper LightingSit-Stand-diagram
  • Proper Airflow
  • Orientation of doors and windows and their effect on a workspace
  • RSI risks (reaching, bending and twisting)
  • Proper Monitor height
  • Proper monitor-to-eye distance
  • Proper Posture, seated or standing
  • Worker movement throughout the work day

Our product offering is just one element of our ergonomics program. Our team of trained, experienced ergonomic experts are available to come to your office and work with your staff directly or in tandem with your in-house safety and ergonomics specialists. We will find the best and most affordable way to help anyone be more comfortable, efficient and productive at work. Sometimes the solution involves furniture, seating or other accessories, but as often as not, we can rearrange items on a desk or elements within a workspace to create a far more ergonomic situation, eliminate RSIs and increase productivity – at no cost to you.

Please call or email our office today to begin planning a better work environment. Professional references are available on request.

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