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Keeney’s Internal Green Mission.

Our commitment to sustainability recognizes that all business activities are derived from or take place in the natural environment. Based on a long-term perspective and the realization that we are in a closed system, it is easy to see that what is good for the environment is also good for our customers. And being interconnected, what is good for the environment and customers is also good for our employees and our business. We also realize that there are no quick fixes. By paying attention to detail and being a consciously engaged participant, we can all reduce the negative impacts of normal business activities and enjoy the resulting efficiencies.

Below are a few examples of internal measures we have recently undertaken to reduce our own carbon footprint:

  • Keeney’s reduced waste to the landfill by 85% over the past two years.  This reduction was a result of company-wide reuse and recycling.
  • In 2012, Keeney’s joined Forterra’s “C3 Program” which calculated our carbon footprint and in turn planted 57 trees in the Carnation area to offset our operational impact on the environment.
  • Keeney’s is part of the Green Power buying program with Puget Sound Energy and our monthly contribution equates to planting more than 5 acres of trees per year.
  • Keeney’s recycles 85% of its waste per year.  What does not go in the trash, gets recycled, composted or is reused.  Items include paper, cardboard, packing material, Styrofoam, pens, markers, CFL light bulbs, wooden pallets, toner cartridges and food scraps.
  • All office printing is set to duplex printing on all office computers and is networked to energy star compliant printers.  We also use 100% recycled paper in all printers.
  • We work with local suppliers of products (where we can) to reduce the distance our products travel to reach our warehouse and our customers
  • Styrofoam packaging material is diverted to a company called Styro Recycle, who in turn reduces the mixed material into blocks and sells to their neighboring company to produce newly molded stryofoam for new products. This decreases production of more Styrofoam, keeps our unwanted Styrofoam out of the landfill, and helps increase the lifespan of a material that take many years to disappear in the landfill.
  • We reuse packing boxes for deliveries.  This keeps over 54,000 boxes a year in use, rather than having to create 54,000 new boxes and get rid of 54,000 old ones. Re-use is greener and lower cost than recycling.
  • Wood pallets are given to the wood recycler or diverted to neighbors who again would have to purchase these products for their use.
  • Keeney’s delivery team uses a Flexible Delivery Manifest System. To respond to constantly changing delivery requirements, we use flexible daily routing of our delivery fleet to maximize route efficiency and truck running time. Each day we alter our delivery routes to shorten the time Keeney’s trucks are on the road. These efforts have enabled us to grow as a business, with more deliveries, and to do them with fewer trucks. Having no engine running is better than an efficient engine running. When appropriate, we also utilize the services of a local delivery company to reach outlying areas where their trucks are already going so we don’t waste resources driving from centralized delivery areas to marginal areas.

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