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Be Green Everyday.

Our Sustainable Office program was developed in cooperation with the City of Seattle in 2008 /2009 and we have over 75 customers currently using this program to save money and carbon.

 Here’s what the program involves:

  •  To enjoy the benefits of the program, all you need to do is provide us with a list of your frequently purchased items.  We will conduct a detailed analysis of your current usage (done by our in-house experts) – supplying you with alternative, sustainable and lower cost options for your current purchasing situation.
  •  We can add all or some of these items to an online “favorites list” to ensure you have an easy place to find and purchase your sustainable options.
  •  We can also set up the online system to have these sustainable options come up as suggested substitutes when a buyer selects a similar, non-preferred item.
  •  We can run detailed reports on your sustainable and cost savings.

What comes “standard” with the program?

  • Our online ordering system presents many sustainable items “first in search” as a general rule
  • Our copy paper comes from under 200 miles away – most comes from over 2000 miles away
  • Our remanufactured toner is made in Seattle to the highest standards in the industry, yet costs less than most imported, lower-quality toner cartridges – save an average of 30% compared with OEM, but the quality is the same as OEM – guaranteed
  • We pick up for recycle or reuse all of the following:

- Toner Cartridges
– CFL bulbs
– Used pens, markers, mechanical pencils
– Cardboard boxes and other packing materials including Styrofoam, bubble/peanuts.
– Keurig K-Cups – “grounds to grow on” program

We help you achieve your goals for cost and carbon reductions as one activity – you are in charge of this program – just know you CAN save money and buy “greener” – guaranteed.

Contact us today to start buying green whilst saving green at Keeney’s.

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