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In a sea of multinational vendors, often with franchise perspectives, we specialize in the unique services you require – whatever they are. We are a very different kind of supplier with very different results. Here are 10 reasons why:

  1. As a privately held, but well supported local dealer, we can provide phenomenal service with aggressive pricing. As members of Business Products Group International (BPGI) with 3,000 members and over $14.5 billion in buying power, we can buy low – and sell low.
  2. Free overnight delivery with no minimum order requirements means that if you need something, we will get it to you. We hate backorders as much as you do – we run multiple order reports throughout the day to notify you in advance of any pending backorders to see if we can substitute an alternative for the next day’s delivery.
  3. You can order with ease from our local warehouse via our online ordering system, phone, fax, email, or your Account Manager. We offer many tools, services and options to give you choice, because you’re the customer.
  4. Your Keeney’s Account Manager is a partner just brimming with ideas. You also get an experienced and forward thinking customer service team located at our Redmond headquarters to turn your needs into solutions. Our entire focus is to optimize your efficiency while reducing costs.
  5. We offer a solution to your “green” office requirements. As a company focused on sustainable business solutions, we can help you move your company in a greener direction. With solutions for entire office interiors as well as the everyday essentials on your desk, we can help you make a real difference.
  6. We make the billing side simple with invoices and packing slips containing all the information you need in a format that is easy to understand. Our accounting department operates in the real world and is steeped in our customer service tradition. If your firm has special accounting needs, we have special solutions tailored just for you.
  7. We create a truly customized program that precisely addresses your firm’s needs. Choose us and there will be no transition issues. We immediately set up your account and provide you with our standard efficiency tools to get you going today. Fine-tuning is part of the ongoing program.
  8. Our team is driven by performance, not policy. We work right here where you work and clearly understand your business environment and your culture. You will have local solutions created by local people.
  9. We are a refreshing alternative to the multinational franchise distributors. With Keeney’s you’ll see how a different kind of supplier with a different kind of philosophy leads to better results. Rely on a state- and federally-certified woman-owned business enterprise (WBE) that can help your company meet its goals for working with women and minority business enterprises (WMBEs).
  10. Knowledge is power, so we provide usage and accounting reports in over 20 formats. We help you understand your supply issues in new and empowering ways. As we gain knowledge through creative reporting, we will be able to offer even more targeted solutions.

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