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May 7, 2010

K-Cups for Keurig

Announcing 2 brand new Keurig Coffee varieties, in stock now!
Coffee People Tree Hugger is an organic, free trade/fair trade certified medium roast coffee made of beans grown in South America. Like all Coffee People, it's an "Extra Bold" variety - meaning there's more coffee in the K-Cup than in a regular strength cup. Tree Hugger is a medium roast, but all of the Keeney's tasters who sampled it loved it, even the ones who generally favor a darker roast. It's nutty, well balanced and delicious.
Donut Shop Decaf is a decaffeinated version of the most popular K-cup of all time, Coffee People Donut Shop. None of our tasters will drink decaf, but we're sure this one is very good if you like to drink coffee but feel as if you haven't.
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