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March 21, 2014

Hygienify!* with Keeney’s Today

HYGIENIFYHygienify!* for a Healthy Workplace With everyone sharing office equipment, gathering for meetings and using the same microwave, it’s no surprise viruses spread like wildfire at work. Especially considering that a virus on one person's hands can be transferred up to six times. Take a stand and break the chain of germ transmission with the HYGIENIFY!* Routine. This three-part protocol, developed as part of Kimberly Clark’s Healthy Workplace Project*, reduces the spread of cold and flu germs in the workplace by about 80% 1 - and it’s easy to implement. Following these three simple steps will help create a healthier workplace: Wash: Proper hand washing is still the best way to reduce the spread of germs. Thorough drying with paper towels can reduce germs by 77%.  Wipe: Wiping "Hot-Spot" surfaces like break room faucet handles, desks, doorknobs, keyboards and phones daily with disinfecting wipes can kill germs where they're waiting. Sanitize: Using hand sanitizer can reduce sick days by 21%. Familiarize yourself with the HYGIENIFY!* Routine and make sure you have the products you need, from touchless dispensers to Kleenex® Anti-Viral tissues, to help protect your employees and maintain a healthy, productive workplace.  Call the hygiene experts at Keeney's to arrange an "office tour" today.  They know exactly how to keep your office "germ-free". ®*Trademarks of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc. or its affiliates. 1 The reduction in probability of infection by 80 percent is based upon mathematical modeling referenced in the Workplace Wellness Intervention Study.

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