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October 27, 2010

In the Spotlight with Brett Friesen – Lead Driver

We would like to introduce you to Brett Friesen.  Brett is our Lead Driver here at Keeney's and has been with us since 2002.  He drives Route 1 - which is our downtown, mostly government building deliveries.  He is a favorite among customers and we often receive compliments on his service and fun attitude.

He is definitely the life of any party he attends.  He loves music, so it is no suprise to learn that Brett is a DJ during his spare time.  An interesting tidbit is that Brett is also an ordained minister and has married numerous couples over the past year.  He and his wife have enjoyed performing dual ceremonies and he also includes his DJ services as part of the package. ( I am pretty sure that would be one fun wedding to attend!

Brett is also an avid Sounders supporter - never missing a game - and enjoys playing the sport too!  A great guy and a true team player, Brett is always there to help out the warehouse when things get busy. His 4am starts are never envied however when he comes back after his deliveries and leaves at 1pm on beautiful days - we all have something to say about it! LOL!!

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