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April 29, 2011

In the Spotlight with Brian McCarthy – Account Executive

We'd like to introduce you to Brian McCarthy, Account Executive. 
Brian is also known as Mr "Keeney" 🙂  as he is married to Lisa Keeney and has been for over 25 years.  Brian grew up in Arizona and as a result  has a love of hot, Mexican food and an appreciation of Washington's cool climate.  He has always ridden bicycles and enjoyed doing so. It's often that we see him pulling up in the morning on his bike having ridden from his home in Seattle. We are all very impressed.  We all know Brian has a love of music.  He has played bass guitar since high school and a few years back - decided to learn guitar.  He would love to join a band again - so if anyone needs a bass player.. 😉 Customers really enjoy Brian as an Account rep.  He calls on Keeney's high profile accounts including professional sports teams and high profile law firms....aswell as most of the bike shops in Seattle 🙂  He is detailed, knowledgeable and always ready with a story to entertain you.  He truly loves what he does everyday and it shows.

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