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August 26, 2010

In the Spotlight with Charlie Jackson – Warehouse Manager

Always behind the scenes, and generally one who would prefer to stay anonymous, this company would find it difficult to operate without the effective management abilities of our Warehouse Manager, Charles (Charlie) Jackson.
Charlie started with Keeney's in 2003 as a sales associate in our retail division and was soon offered a position in our warehouse at the DC in Redmond as a warehousemen.  He was later promoted to a furniture installer.
In 2008, Charlie was offered the position of Warehouse Manager and took the lead on creating a more efficient warehouse and delivery fleet. His effective leadership and organizational skills (gained from 8 years in the military) and the extensive knowledge he gained from years in the field as a furniture installer and supplies delivery driver ensured his success.  His hands on approach to his work and genuine concern for the customer is ever present - he even drives a delivery route and helps install furniture when our regular team is on vacation or sick.  All this ensures our customers continue to receive top quality service, next day and by a dedicated team.
Often referred to as one of the best warehouse managers we have had here at Keeney's, Charlie loves to fish, crab and basically do anything out in the sun on a boat.

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