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December 6, 2010

In the Spotlight with Maureen Condit – Accounting & IT Manager

It is that time of the year when we give thanks for what we have - and what we have here at Keeney's is pretty special.  One very special lady that we give thanks for everyday is Maureen (Mo) Condit.  Mo is our Keeney's Mom and has been with the team for almost 22 years.  She is our "go-to" person on so many operational situations that we would be lost without her.  Her mother-like instincts and genuine concern for us all is what makes Keeney's special.  We are family.  Speaking of family - she personally has been married to Jerry for over 39 years and has brought 4 wonderful children into the world - all of which are incredibly talented and successful and in turn has 2 very beautiful grandchildren - a VERY proud grandmother. 

Mo started with Keeney's in Accounts Receivable, then moved to Accounts Payable and was later promoted to Accounting & IT Manager.  She keeps our online and everyday systems functioning and makes sure we are technically capable of operating in this "tech savvy" business world.  She teams with Vivien in the Accounting department to keep our ship sailing smoothly.

Mo played and coached soccer for over 14 years.  She loves to ride her bike, play with her two golden retrievers, garden, watch movies and read.

 Thanks for being part of our team Mo!! Couldn't imagine it here without you. 

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