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June 30, 2011

Keeneys wins 2011 King County Best Workplaces for Recycling and Waste Reduction

Keeney's is a proud recipient of the award: See below for the formal press release from King County.

King County’s Solid Waste Division (SWD) named 89 local companies to its fifth annual “Best Workplaces for Recycling and Waste Reduction” list, and introduced a new business honor roll for companies that have made the list for five years in a row.

As award winners, each business has put exceptional recycling programs into place and shown commitment to reducing the amount of waste their company sends to the landfill. Their actions help reduce the impacts of climate change and feed recycled materials back into the economy. 

The 2011 list spans a wide array of businesses in King County including hospitality, medical services, professional services, retail, finance, government, arts and entertainment and others. Innovative recycling and waste reduction strategies also run the gamut.

“We’re elated to see such a wide variety of businesses on the list, each with their own custom programs for dealing with the types of waste they generate,” said Karen May, who administers the program for King County SWD. “From food scraps to packaging, to printer cartridges, medical supplies and light bulbs, the companies on our list are employing innovative strategies and creating company cultures that encourage the prevention and recycling of waste.”

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