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November 28, 2011

Meet our Newbies at Keeney’s

Reef - Route 5 (northern route) driver

Reef came to us in July 2011 as our north route driver. He averages about 1000 miles a week driving the route from Redmond to Lynden each day to service our northern customers. He approaches his day with an incredible attitude and all the customers seem to love him - as do we. With a background in IT, this change of scenery (quite literally each day) has been a welcome change for Reef. He even runs/walks to work each morning as he knows he will be sitting most of the day in the truck.

Susan - Independent Stationers Account Representative 

Susan came to us in July 2011 as our Account Representative for the I-Select program with Independent Stationers / US Communities program. She contacts agencies throughout the US who do not have local representatives and teaches them the benefits of the US Communities program. With her positive attitude and strong sales background she really is making her mark with this new program.

Jaime - Warehouse

Jaime joined our warehouse team in October 2011. As a full-time warehouse employee she joins the dynamic team who pick, pack, organize, deliver, fix, troubleshoot, re-stock, build furniture and pretty much do all the manual operations to get our stock and orders out the door each day. She has a very strong background, coming to us as a past EMT and a can-do attitude we are so glad she joined the team.



  Jenisa - Customer Service Representative

Jenisa joined our Customer Service team this month. In anticipation of some busy months ahead, the team is very excited to have her pleasant demeanor and positive attitude in the office. Her training is right on track and she has taken to the phones like a duck to water - so next time you call - you may get to talk with our newest team member. You will be very happy when you do. Jenisa comes to us with a strong background in administrative services having worked with city accounts at Waste Management for many years. We are so glad she joined our team.

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