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One of the most discouraging things we find as consumers ourselves is having to jump through hoops to get in touch with someone who can help us. At Keeney’s, we won’t put you through that. As a customer, you’ll get your own personal Account Executive who will easily be accessible. Forget all that press 1, press 2, wait on hold for 20 minutes nonsense. Your Account Executive will relieve the stress of finding the right office products or office furniture that you needed yesterday.

Sales Team


Sales Team

Brian McCarthy – Account Executive –

Nik Pflugrath – Account Executive –

Julie Kerr – Account Manager –

Jill Cooper - Program Manager –

Laurie Carlson – Furniture Specialist -

Barbara Carnovale – Interior Planner -

Brad Dunbar – Project Manager -

Lizette Hedberg – Account Executive-

Lindsey Thompson - Marketing Specialist -



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