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Keeney's Internal Green Mission

Be Energy Heroes!

Our Green Mission is simple.

  • What’s good for the environment is good for our customers.

By paying attention to detail and being a consciously engaged participant, we can all reduce the negative impacts of normal business activities and enjoy the resulting efficiencies.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint Through the Years


Lead By Example

It is our hope that the actions we’ve taken to help Seattle businesses be more sustainable will inspire you to do the same.

  • We reduced our energy consumption by 20 percent with the completion of a retrofit of the warehouse lights at our Redmond location. (2013)
  • Over the past three years, we reduced waste to the landfill by 97 percent. This reduction was a result of company-wide recycling and composting. Items include paper, cardboard, packing material, Styrofoam, pens, markers, CFL light bulbs, wooden pallets, toner cartridges and food scraps.
  • Since 2012, Keeney’s has been a member of Forterra’s “C3 Program” which calculates the carbon footprint of our business (on a yearly basis) and in turn plants trees to offset our operational impact on the environment. To date, our team has planted over 400 trees.
  • Our monthly contribution to the Green Power buying program with Puget Sound Energy has helped avoid the release of 104,993 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions into the air, providing environmental benefits equivalent to planting 1,221 trees.
  • All office printing is set to duplex printing and is networked to Energy Star compliant printers. We also use 100 percent recycled paper in all printers.
  • Styrofoam packaging material is diverted to a company called Styro Recycle, which in turn decreases production of more Styrofoam, keeps our unwanted Styrofoam out of the landfill, and helps increase the lifespan of a material that takes many years to disappear in the landfill.
  • By reusing packing boxes for deliveries, we avoid having to create 54,000 new boxes and dispose of 54,000 old ones, which in turn costs less than recycling.
  • Our delivery team maximizes route efficiency and truck running time through our Flexible Delivery Manifest System. Our delivery routes are altered each day to shorten the time Keeney’s trucks are on the road, which reduces air pollution.
  • When appropriate, we also utilize the services of a local delivery company to reach outlying areas where their trucks are already going so we don’t waste resources driving from centralized delivery areas to marginal areas.

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