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Are you ready to save money while going green? Sign up for our Sustainable Office Program

Sustainable Office Program

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Provide us with a list of office products you frequently order like paper, toner cartridges, and pens, and we’ll take it from there by:

  1. Analyzing your current usage.
  2. Supplying you with a list of sustainable and lower cost options.
  3. Setting you up within our online system where alternative options will come up as suggested substitutes when you select a similar, non-green item.

Upon your request, you’ll be provided with detailed reports that will show you savings in monetary value and sustainability.



You’ll get an average of 30 percent savings compared with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) with the same quality – who would have thought? The secret? Our remanufactured toner is made right here in Seattle with the highest standards in the industry it but costs less than lower-quality imported cartridges.


Taking it Above and Beyond, Because You Deserve it

In addition to saving money and having an account manager who will help your business be more eco-friendly, as a member of our Sustainable Office Program, we’ll pick up and recycle the following for you:

Toner Cartridges CFL Bulbs Used Writing Instruments Cardboard Boxes Packing Materials


Buy green. See the green.

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