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August 20, 2014

Take Charge!

If you’re an American, you have a cellphone. And a tablet. Or an e-reader. Or any number of other electronic gadgets. In fact, the average U.S. household now has 5.7 Internet-connected devices, according to the NPD Group. Plus, more devices are showing up at work as companies embrace a bring-your-own-device, or BYOD, approach to mobility.

All those devices have to stay charged—at home, in the car, in the office, on the road. As smartphones and tablets are used more often and for more purposes, consumers and businesses alike are looking for better ways to keep them from running out of power.
That’s why Keeney’s offers a growing range of charging cords, wireless chargers, and power packs.

Verbatim Power Pack Charger Item #: VER98019

Verbatim Power Pack Charger
Item #: VER98019

Powering up

Today, 90 percent of American adults have a cellphone, and 58 percent have a smartphone, according to Pew Research Center. Forty-two percent own a tablet, and 32 percent own an e-reader.

As those devices proliferate, people use them to make phone calls, send texts, take photos, listen to music, watch videos, play games, navigate, download apps, shop online, and conduct business. All that activity drains batteries fast.

The most common way is with a traditional charging cord that plugs into an electrical outlet, a computer’s USB port, or a car’s 12-volt adapter. Keeney’s carries a broad range of charging cords for both Apple and Android devices. Products are offered from leading brands such as Belkin, Duracell, Griffin, and Kensington.

No strings attached

A fast-emerging category of chargers is based on new wireless, or “inductive,” charging technology. A $3 million market last year, the segment is expected to explode to $33.6 billion within five years, according to WinterGreen Research.

Wireless charging solves the growing tangle of cords in the car, on the kitchen counter, and on the desk. With wireless charging, a charging pad

Duracell Powermat Wireless Charger Item # DURCSA5SB1

Duracell Powermat Wireless Charger

sits on a desk or table and plugs into an electrical outlet. A special case fits over the mobile device. When the device is set on the charging pad, an electromagnetic field transfers a charge to the device’s battery.

Keeney’s carries the popular Duracell Powermat wireless charger. The compact unit can charge multiple devices at one time, and both the charging mat and the device case come in black or white. The Powermat technology is being embedded in more and more places—from sports arenas like Madison Square Garden, to airport lounges like Delta Sky Club, to restaurants, like the still fast-growing number of Starbucks. GM is even building the technology into its vehicles.

Belkin Swivel Charger  Item # BLKF8J032TT04

Belkin Swivel Charger
Item # BLKF8J032TT04


Back Me Up

The final charging category is power packs. Acting like an external battery, these components are ideal in situations where no other power source is available. Keeney’s carries power packs from Duracell, Rayovac, and Verbatim. A fully charged Verbatim Dual USB Power Pack, for example, can charge an iPad 1¼ times and an iPhone 6½ times.

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