42 Inspiring Ideas to Market Your Business

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1. Launch a Website

Get your brand out there by launching a website that showcases who you are and what you do! Make sure your content on your website is relevant to your target audience to keep them engaged during their visit.

2. Send out Emails

Establishing and nurturing strong relationships with your prospects and customers are essential. Email marketing is a great way to get new visitors engaged and to keep in touch with your current customers.

3. Deploy a SEO campaign

Start building a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign to ensure that people will find your website when they search for products or services using a search engine such as Google.

4. Invest in PPC

You may want to invest in PPC (Pay-Per-Click) to generate more advertising opportunities on the web. This is one of the quickest ways to drive relevant traffic to your website by using targeted online ads.

5. Connect on Facebook

Every business has a story. A strong Facebook presence can help you engage with your target market and connect with potential new customers. This social media platform also offers paid advertising options.

6. Stand Out with Business Cards

Keep your business cards handy at all times in case you bump into someone who may be a potential customer or business partner. Make sure your business card is updated with current information. Get a card design that stands out!

7. Raffle Away a Free Gift

Create a buzz by raffling away a free gift. Collect as many business cards as you can and announce the winner. Prizes can include a corporate gift basket or tickets to a fun event.

8. Write a Blog

Blogs can help you build credibility for the products or services that your business offers. Providing valuable insight to various subject matters that relate to your business can endorse your core competencies.

9. Network

Try to network both online and offline. Social media is a great place to give your brand personality, while also attending local workshops or events.

10. Create a Calendar

Send out a specially designed calendar with your brand’s contact information for your customers. It makes great advertising when in use.

11. Start a Podcast

To build your audience, a podcast can help increase the size and value of your brand. Audio content is convenient more than ever due to long work commutes in the car.

12. Connect with Mobile

Depending on your business offerings, mobile phones are key to directly communicate with the customer. Make sure your website and other digital marketing assets are mobile-friendly.

13. Get Active on LinkedIn

Being active on LinkedIn will help you gain visibility and attract users to your business. Create meaningful posts and update your profile frequently to remain active in the LinkedIn community.

14. Create a Newsletter

Inform your prospects and customers what you are doing by regularly publishing a newsletter. You can share your story about your business, fun tips or update others on what new services or products you have launched. You can produce a digital version that can easily be emailed, or print polished copies to hand out during customer visits.

15. Send a Press Release

Give your company exposure by writing a press release. Need to find local newspapers, journals and news or industry websites? Search Google for publications in your business area.

16. Advertise with Promotional Gear

Brand your business and keep in front of customers and prospects by using imprinted items. Consider items that can be used frequently, placed on a desk or used in the car. USB drivesshirts and water bottles are great examples.

17. Referrals

Look for new business by leveraging your proven credibility. Create a referral program by incentivizing your existing customers to refer others who require products or services that your business offers.

18. Sponsor an Event

Express your community involvement by sponsoring an event or competition. Support a local charity or school by participating in one of their events with volunteers, financial support or free product/service offers. Gifts may include a branded corporate gift basket or trophy.

19. Get Reviewed on Yelp

You can increase traffic to your business with positive Yelp reviews. Let customers and prospects know you have a business profile. Yelp also offers a badge to place on your website as a link to your business profile.

20. Create Meaningful Content

Be creative when you post content to your website. Incorporate visuals like images, graphics and videos along with good copy. Know your audience and avoid the cookie-cutter content that your competition might use.

21. Shoot Videos

Developing your own videos can add creative content to your website and your YouTube channel. Use videos to communicate your message, product reviews and updates on your company’s offers. It’s a great way to keep people coming back for more.

22. Give Rebates

Offer an incentive to gain new business and expand business with existing customers. Talk with manufacturers you partner with to see if they offer end user rebates and incentives. You might offer free expertise, money-back offers, free or reduced cost on future goods/services to increase business.

23. Get Local Press

Create a press kit for journalists about your management and company. Include a “Press” section on your website. Make sure to update this information with any changes such as policies and contacts. Additional press opportunities include sending out press releases to acknowledge milestones at your organization.

24. Give Away Samples

Who doesn’t like freebies? Offering free samples draws attention and can help you gain access to new opportunities. Samples don’t have to be costly, just useful and creative. Consider pens with a flashlight, embroidered hats and tumblers.

25. Refresh Old Data and Re-Market

Revisit old email lists and your business card stacks to market your latest products and services to them. Offer an incentive to gain more appointments or purchases. A free estimate or consultation, rebate or even first month free offers may add value to your message.

26. Tweet on Twitter

Part of your branding and prospecting should include tweets. Follow, comment and retweet. Offer tweets on your products and services to inform and gain followers.

27. Share on Instagram

Include images of your new lobby, building, company picnic, products and employees to give a relatable image to your business and keep viewers aware of activities and updates. Comments and feedback will help increase followers.

28. Solidify Industry Partnerships

Good relationships are good for business. When you partner with others in the industry you draw on their knowledge and access to opportunity. Contacts can relocate, get promoted or leave a company so make sure to stay current.

29. Conduct Webinars

Can’t meet face-to-face? Want to present yourself and company as experts in your industry? Create webinars on different topics to engage others and share ideas.

30. Get Warm Leads with a Cold Call

Need better leads? Search for businesses based on your niche and communicate your message with a brief email, followed by a phone call. Spend time listening to their needs and follow up any phone and face-to-face time with a hand written thank you card. Personal touches go a long way and set you apart from your competition.

31. Send Cards

Make it personal by delivering handwritten notes. A personal touch goes a long way. By using a handwritten note as a method of follow-up, your business will most likely be remembered versus a thank you note delivered via email. Make sure to create handwritten cards that display your company’s logo and contact information.

32. Make the Most of Your Email Signature

Most businesses miss the fact that a simple email signature can also be an effective, prevalent way to market your business. Do the math; if you send 100 emails a day to various recipients, this marks 100 times you are bringing awareness to your organization. Include links to a landing page or to a customer satisfaction survey to build that testimonial page you’ve been yearning to create.

33. Give Advice in Online Forums

Be a fixer. Giving advice on what your business does best helps build instant credibility to those experiencing challenges. Once consultation is offered, a door opens to segueing into what products or services you can provide as a solution.

34. Tap into Your Existing Customer Base

The term “low-hanging fruit” is key here; tap into your existing customer base to expand your reach. Leverage your existing relationships to offer ancillary or complementary solutions based on their purchasing patterns.

35. Collect Testimonials

Due to its intangible nature, selling a positive customer experience can be extremely difficult. Sell a happy experience to your prospects by letting happy customers do the talking for you. Oftentimes, testimonials are known as a meaningful and genuine approach to generate new business, versus a marketing ploy.

36. Apply For or Present a Business Award

Does your business possess a special quality that can earn an award? Consider applying for local business awards that commend organizations on honors such as “Top 10 Places to Work” or, “Fastest Growing Businesses of 2018.” Just a nomination will produce positive press for your business!

On the other end, present a custom award to recognize an existing customer for an accolade to show your gratitude, such as “Longest-Serving Customer.” Promote this praise with a press release to demonstrate that you recognize and appreciate your customers.

37. Wrap Your Company’s Vehicles

Do you have delivery or service vehicles that roam your local areas? If so, use this opportunity to market your product or services! Otherwise known as a moving billboard, your service vehicles can generate an amazing amount of attention using colorful and fun wraps that list your offerings along with contact information.

38. Write a Mission Statement

Does your company have a mission statement? Consider writing your company’s story and what your long-term objectives are as an organization. Do you have any causes, charities or community involvements? Include these in your mission that may align with other organizations who choose to do business with others that share the same values.

39. Customize Your Hold Music

Are you still using the same, stale hold music that drives people on hold to sheer boredom? Consider updating your telephone hold music to something similar to an entertaining and catchy radio advertisement so that all listeners are aware of your company’s offerings.

40. Analyze Your Competition

What are your direct competitors doing better than you? The internet is a wealthy source of information to analyze your competition. Check out their website, social media channels or just do a simple Google search and see what results you receive. Find out anything from their marketing practices to even their current events based on their activities or online posts.

41. Go Green

Do you have a green mission on corporate responsibility? If so, communicate this cause through your branding, as other businesses may share the same social well-being.

42. Attend Tradeshows

Presenting your business at tradeshows establishes a physical presence to meeting and re-connecting with tradeshow attendees who all share a common interest in the overall theme of the exhibition. If you have products as part of your offering, a tradeshow is an ideal time to provide live demonstrations to users who visit your booth. Don’t forget to bring branded, promotional items with you, such as branded pens and coffee mugs to pass out.