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Coffee? Yes, please!

Coffee and Breakroom

Did you know that certain break room supplies could help increase employees productivity and focus? By providing healthy snacks with comfortable furniture to enjoy them on, employees are able to take a step away from tasks at hand and re-charge their batteries without spending time leaving the office. Plus, offering break room snacks and beverages shows your employees you appreciate them. 

When it comes to break room supplies, we offer everything but the kitchen sink.

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Keeney's and Keurig

Since partnering with Keurig, Keeney’s has been able to help keep employees all over the Puget Sound area awake. Our customized program allows your office to have a Keurig system free of charge. Select the beverages you would like to offer in your break room, order them, then watch them be delivered. We offer a wide variety of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate to fit everyone’s palette. It’s like having your own in-house barista.

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