July 2015

Think Local Buy Local

We are celebrating a month of INDEPENDENCE. Not only as a country on July 4th, but as Keeney’s Office Supply, an independent, local, woman owned office supply and interiors company in Seattle. We have been in business for over 68 years and we would not be here today without the freedom of being an independent company. This freedom has allowed us to be flexible to changing markets and customer’s needs, to be adaptable to requests and to be mindful of current economic concerns. We don’t answer to shareholders, we answer to our customers and that is something we are very proud of. So as Independent Business/Retailer month is upon us, we reflect on why it is great to be an independent and why our customers benefit.

Survival of the Independent

As my Google alerts go off every hour about the possible- impending merge of Office Depot/ Max with Staples, and as I read about Amazon’s plans for world domination across all industries, I am more motivated than frightened. We are nimble, market savvy and customer focused. We are experts in our field and we provide tangible, appreciable value to our customers in every interaction. We have outlasted 99% of the office supply dealers who were in business in the late 1980’s, including formidable suppliers like BizMart, Office Club, Eastman’s, Viking, BT, USOP, Corporate Express and Office Max. We are survivors because we always find new ways to stay relevant to – and focused on – our customers, without losing sight of our core values and identity. We get it.

Keeney’s is growing even as our industry shrinks, the cracks are widening in our competition’s service level and responsibility to its customers. People are seeing dramatic price increases, reduced customer service and delivery options – all of which are important to customers. For Keeney’s, if price was the only reason someone bought from us – we would be out of business. We are not the lowest price on everything – but who is? What we do is deliver an exceptional level of service, understanding and product expertise that keeps our customers coming back and have done for many, many years. They trust us and rely on us to be their business partner and we have continued to deliver on this promise to them.

Customers don’t sacrifice anything with Independents

Lisa on blue recycling can

Choosing to buy from an independent dealer like Keeney’s does not mean the customer has to sacrifice anything – At Keeney’s , you still get state-of-the-art online ordering platform, mobile ordering app, rebates, discounts, electronic emails and invoices, tracking, free, next day delivery. The best thing is, we are still here to talk to you. Our customer service team is here in Redmond, they know the customers and their accounts, they are in communication with all drivers and sales people and warehouse and purchasing. We are all in the same office and share the same values we place on our customers. They come first.

 So this month, as we celebrate the independence of our great nation, we here at Keeney’s also give thanks for the brave decisions of our fearless woman leader, Lisa Keeney McCarthy. Who without her strength and savvy business approach, Keeney’s would not be standing here today as a growing, diverse, forward thinking office supply & interior company – we would simply be another tomb in the Office Supplier graveyard.

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