March 2019

There are several ways that you can make your break room more environmentally friendly without much effort or cost. Simple things like switching from Styrofoam to compostable plates, using green cleaning supplies and providing well-marked bins for sorting can make a big difference.

Use Green Cleaners

Many of the common household cleaning products contain harsh chemicals. Switching to cleaning product that are made from natural cleaning products is an excellent step for not only going Green but for your employees health too.

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Provide Reusable or Compostable Tableware

The initial cost of replacing paper products might seem expensive, but not needing to keep them stocked will pay for itself in no time. If getting rid of paper cups is not feasible because you have too many employees or no place to wash and store them, purchasing composable plates, bowls, cups and cutlery is an environmentally friendly alternative.

Find Compostable Tableware Here

Make Recycling Easy

When there are no recycling containers available employees may throw cans and plastic bottles into the regular garbage can. The best way to encourage recycling and composting is to provide bins for employees to sort their waste. Putting up signage near the bins informing staff of what goes in each bin will also be helpful.

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Once the steps above are completed, educate your team on the changes to make sure your efforts are successful. Contact the Keeney’s team today for helping make the switch to a greener breakroom and office.

Prolonged sitting can have serious health implications, but so can standing for too long, especially with the wrong form. With height adjustable desks becoming more and more popular in the workplace, it is now easier to alternate between sitting and standing so you can stay healthy and comfortable all day long. Below are a few tips to get the most benefits out of your workstation.


-Keep your head directly over your shoulders and your shin level with the floor.

-Adjust your monitors so that your gaze falls in the middle of the screen.

-Stand about an arms length distance from the screen. The larger the screen, the more distance you’ll want.

-Maintain a keyboard height that is even with your elbows and maintain a 90-120 degree angle with your arms.

-Avoid flexing your wrists. Keep them in a relaxed, natural position with your fingers gently curved.

-Use an anti-fatigue mat to reduce leg discomfort and back pain associated with standing.

-Take short breaks to stretch and give your eyes a break.


Making sure you are using your height adjustable desk properly is important in receiving all the benefits and staying comfortable. If you need help getting setup or selecting accessories, the Keeney’s furniture team would love to assist!

Creating an organized and well-equip office can help you to find items quickly and make it easier to complete tasks more efficiently. Even though it can be hard to set aside the time to get set up, the effort will save you time in the long run. Below are a few things to consider when creating a productive work space.


Invest in Comfort

Often, the comfort of your office is overlooked and price point is the only consideration. It is hard to be productive if your legs are fatigued from sitting in the wrong chair or if your eyes are strained from looking at a tiny monitor. You are spending a large portion of your day at your desk so make sure you are comfortable and your space is setup to meet your needs.


Organize with Labels

Taking the time to create a proper labeling system for your office will make things easy to find for you (and for that intern working on a project for you while you’re on vacation!) Labeling will help you to put things in the right place, keep clutter off your desk and reduce the risk of losing important documents. This practice can also be applied to your digital files.


Tools and Technology

Equipping yourself with the right tools and technology can go a long way. Having an outdated computer or software that doesn’t run properly can be frustrating and lead to putting off projects. Research products that will save you time and evaluate if they are worth the cost. Time equals money!


Whether you’re in a corner office, a cubicle or working out of your home, creating an organized, comfortable and well-equip work space will help you to be more productive and set you up for success!

There are many benefits of working with businesses that are different from your own. Women and minority business owners bring unique knowledge and experience to the table that may otherwise be absent from your workplace. These businesses are also able to provide a different experience from their competitors, help your image in the community and assist you in solving problems. Some benefits of working with a women-owned business are outlined below:



While larger corporations are typically held to certain procedures or must follow a specific protocol, organizations working with smaller women-owned businesses see more flexibility in getting their needs met. Often, they are small enough where flexibility isn’t an issue, and changes can be approved more quickly to please a customer than it would in a large corporation.



By working with a diverse company, they may be able to make business solution suggestions that you wouldn’t have thought of. They are also willing to spend time working with your company to come up with cost saving ideas and more efficient processes.



Conducting business with companies that appreciate and celebrate their partnerships with diverse companies is appealing to customers. Partnering with a women-owned business not only fulfills your business’s partnership requirement should you need it, but it also increases your exposure to a wide range of communities and customers and enhances your brand recognition in a positive way. Diversity is valued today, and individuals both inside of and outside your company, take notice of diversity in the workplace. By working with diverse businesses, you make it known that you support and value skillful females and minorities in your trade, which can create lifelong benefits for your company.


Contact Keeney’s today to see first-hand the benefits of working with a women-owned business!

The first day for any employee can be nerve-racking. When a new worker arrives to find a fully-stocked cubicle, it is welcoming and gets them started on the right foot. Below are some first day essentials to show your new hire that your company is thoughtful, organized and wants to set you up for success.


Standard Equipment

Having your new employee’s computer and phone set up from day one allows them to get accustomed during training down time and gives them the opportunity to ask questions while they’re settling in. It also shows them what items are provided so they can order additional products like dual monitors or a wireless headset if it helps their workstyle.


Supply Basics

Everyone has their own office supply preferences but the basics will help them to get started. A pen and notepad will help them to write down new hire information they learn during training. The standards like a stapler, tape dispenser and scissors are great to have on-hand. A waste basket and recycling bin are also essentials that are often forgotten.


Login Credentials

Creating a cheat sheet with important login information for email, networks and software will help the new employee get started and will serve as a reference in the upcoming weeks.


Office Information

Supplying your new staff member with an employee handbook will help them to learn about the company culture and supply them with important policy and procedure information. If your office is multi-floor or spread out over a campus, a map will be a great reference as they get settled in. Lastly, an employee directory with job titles and contact information will be a helpful resource if they need to reach out with other team members.


In addition to the right supplies, make sure multiple employees stop by to issue a warm welcome and you’re likely to set the perfect tone. You’ve spent a lot of time and effort to get them there and you want to keep them around!