October 2019

More and more businesses are providing divided containers for trash, recycling and compost in their breakrooms and common areas. These bins help to divert waste from the landfill and get recyclable or compostable items to the proper facilities. This system only works if employees understand which materials go in each bin though so providing education and detailed signage will help to make the initiative successful.  So what goes into each bin?

• All food waste
• Paper plates
• Paper cups
• Napkins/paper towel
• Compostable products

• Aluminum
• Glass
• Plastics
• Paper
• Cardboard

• Chip bags
• Foil wrappers
• Non-recyclable plastics (products without a recycling symbol)
• Food service gloves
• Styrofoam
• Rubber

Keeney’s has a full line of compostable products available for your breakroom as well as bins for sorting. Contact our team today for help getting you office operating more sustainably.

The breakroom is a place when your employees can re-charge throughout the day. Even if they don’t spend a significant amount of time in that room, stocking the breakroom with snacks for your employees is one way you can empower their healthy eating decisions during the workday. Help employees to make nutritious choices by making the following readily available in your office:

Healthy Snacks
While buying a bunch of chips and cookies might be a fun treat, fueling your body with junk food is not a healthy alternative when you don’t have time to grab lunch. Stock your breakroom with healthy packaged snacks like nuts, granola bars or oatmeal to combat the midafternoon slump.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
Making fresh fruits and vegetables readily available will help employees to make healthy snacking choices throughout the day. Keeney’s uses local, woman-owned business, Third Leaf NW, to have apples, carrots and hummus delivered to our breakroom each week.

Water Station
Hydrating with water should be the easy choice at work. Be sure to have a water cooler that works and cups or water bottles on hand for the team to use. You could also invest in an ice maker or flavor packets to make water a more appealing choice.

By providing employees with healthy snack choices, you help them to make positive choices and show you care about their well-being. Contact the Keeney’s team today for more ideas on creating a healthy breakroom at your office today!

With new legal requirements and company cultures that are becoming more accommodating to working mothers, wellness rooms are becoming a standard in offices across the country. With the growing popularity of open office plans and cubicles instead of private offices, creating a private space is essential to help new mothers feel happy and supported as they transition back into the workplace. As you plan your wellness room, ensure it includes the following features:

• Comfortable chair
• Table or countertop
• Electrical outlets
• Locking door to ensure privacy
• Fridge to store bottles
• Sink or cleaning wipes
• Blinds on windows for privacy

Creating a comfortable, relaxing wellness room for new mothers will welcome them back from maternity leave and help them adjust into their new role as a working mother. In addition to providing a private place for new mothers to pump during the workday, these rooms can also be available to other staff who have other medical needs. Contact the Keeney’s furniture team to start designing your office’s new wellness room today!

As cold and flu season approaches, businesses should start taking preventative measures to keep their team healthy and office spaces clean. Sickness can wreak havoc on a company, resulting loss of employee productivity and loss of revenue. Providing resources and a clean environment can help employees’ wellness and keep your business running smoothly. Below are a few tips for keeping your office healthy during the flu season:

  • Encourage employees to get a flu vaccine shot if they are able. Setting up a flu shot clinic at your office makes it easy and convenient for employees and their families to get shots.
  • Make it easy for employees help keep the office germ free. Stock your office with hand-sanitizing gels, facial tissues, disinfecting wipes for workspaces and disinfectant sprays for common areas.
  • Be accommodating to ill employees to prevent their sickness from spreading. Despite the common concern many workers have of falling behind when not in the office, it is important to give employees a chance to get healthy. Let your team members know you’d rather have them miss a day or two than make the entire office sick. Consider finding ways that employees can do some of their work from home, if appropriate.
  • Discuss a flu prevention plan with your office cleaners to help keep the office disinfected. Ask the staff to wipe down surfaces, office machine and door knobs with sanitizing wipes to prevent germs from spreading.

While cold and flu season is inevitable, there are many steps you can make to help your team avoid the spreading of germs. Keep your office healthy this winter by stocking up on disinfecting products and educating your team on healthy office practices.