October 11, 2019

With new legal requirements and company cultures that are becoming more accommodating to working mothers, wellness rooms are becoming a standard in offices across the country. With the growing popularity of open office plans and cubicles instead of private offices, creating a private space is essential to help new mothers feel happy and supported as they transition back into the workplace. As you plan your wellness room, ensure it includes the following features:

• Comfortable chair
• Table or countertop
• Electrical outlets
• Locking door to ensure privacy
• Fridge to store bottles
• Sink or cleaning wipes
• Blinds on windows for privacy

Creating a comfortable, relaxing wellness room for new mothers will welcome them back from maternity leave and help them adjust into their new role as a working mother. In addition to providing a private place for new mothers to pump during the workday, these rooms can also be available to other staff who have other medical needs. Contact the Keeney’s furniture team to start designing your office’s new wellness room today!