April 2019


When preparing for a tradeshow or big event, you should think about how the items you are handing out portray your brand. The promotional products you give to attendees say a lot about your company and help to shape a customer’s opinions about you. By choosing green products, you show you are committed to sustainable business while helping attendees to make eco-friendly decisions as well.


Pay attention to a product’s content when selecting promotional products. The product search on our website allows you search eco-friendly products so it is easy to find products that are biodegradable, recycled or organic. One of our favorites are these pens made out of a biodegradable cardboard!

Biodegradable Pen:

Plants and Flowers

Nothing is greener than an actual living plant! A live plant also isn’t going to get stuffed in a desk drawer so it will keep your logo in mind sitting on their desk. For our 70th Anniversary Celebration we ordered logoed containers and sourced succulents from a local florist.


Succulents: Fena Flowers (Kirkland, WA)


Source Locally

Using locally made products reduces your carbon footprint. When your product doesn’t travel long distances, you’re promoting better air quality and reducing pollution. In additional to being more eco-friendly, you’re also supporting your community and the local economy. We love Seattle Chocolates and buy them every year for holiday gifts!

Locally made goodies:

When selecting promotional giveaways for your next event, consider how the consumer will use it, what the product is made or and where the product is coming from to make a sustainable choice. Your future customers will associate you with being a green company and Mother Earth will thank you!

Office supply manufacturers are coming out with more and more eco-friendly products each year. Many commonly used supplies are being made with recycled content, compostable materials or reusable components, making it easy to switch to a more sustainable product. The next time you go to purchase an office product, consider if there is a green alternative to try. Here are a few of our favorite eco-friendly products:

Tree Zero Paper

Paper made from sugar-cane bi-products, a readily available and renewable raw material

Pilot B2P Pens

Pens made from recycled plastic bottles

BeGreen V Board Master Dry Erase Markers

Refillable dry erase makers

Scotch Greener Tape

Tape made with recycled and plant-based material

Magnum Toner

Remanufactured toner made in Seattle

To make the switch to sustainable products, filer your search by “Green Products” or look for items with the green leaf symbol on the Keeney’s website. The leaf icon indicates that the product was made with recycled content, compostable materials or is a remanufactured product.

Over the years, Keeney’s has made changes to our delivery model, updated our warehouse and participated in various programs to reduce our carbon footprint. In effort to help customers reduce their waste and become more sustainable, Keeney’s offers several recycling programs at no or low-cost. Information on signing up for these programs and any costs associated with them are outlined below.

Pens, Pencils and Markers

To participate: Request a collection box from customer service. Once full, send it back with your delivery driver to be recycled.

Cost: Free to customer


To participate: Contact customer service and our team will pick up your cardboard to be recycled.

Cost: Free to customer


To participate: Request a collection bucket from customer service. Once full, send it back with your delivery driver to be recycled.

Cost: $25/bucket


To participate: Contact customer service and our team will pick up your toners to be recycled.

Cost: Free to customer


To participate: Request a collection bin from customer service. Once full, mail box with attached, prepaid shipping label.

Cost: $30/box


Keeney’s is passionate about creating a green workplace and wants to help customers to create eco-friendly offices as well. If your company is making changes to become more sustainable, contact our team for resources and information on programs in the local area.

“Green” Awards for Keeney’s

In addition to the economic impact of buying local, there is also an environmental factor to consider. Since products travel less when sourced locally, fewer gas emissions are produced and less packaging waste is created. Shopping at local stores also allows those businesses to give back and make an environmental impact on their community. Keeney’s works hard to make the most of the environmental advantages of servicing our local area and to reduce our carbon footprint.


More Efficient Delivery

Buying local cuts down on the auto emissions of both the consumer and supplier. If customers buy locally, they drive a shorter distance to get what they need. If their product is being delivered buy a local company, the delivery trucks are also driving less. The Keeney’s team alters their delivery routes each day to shorten the time trucks are on the road, reducing air pollution. When appropriate, we also utilize the services of a local delivery company to reach outlying areas where their trucks are already going so we don’t waste resources driving from centralized delivery areas to marginal areas.

Less Packaging Waste

Moving products a short distance equates to less protective packaging being utilized which means less waste is created in the delivery process. The Keeney’s team reuses cardboard boxes or packages orders in reusable totes to deliver to local customers.

Participation in Local Environmental Programs

Local businesses are more likely than big box stores to invest in their communities and participate in programs that make the environment cleaner. Keeney’s is involved in Puget Sound Energy’s Green Power program which reduces the amount of carbon dioxide emissions released into the air. We are also part of the Forterra’s C3 Program which plants trees to offset our operational carbon footprint.


Shopping local is a simple and impactful way to reduce your carbon footprint. To learn more about the programs Keeney’s participates in that may help your business, visit our website: