Green Office Supplies

Office supply manufacturers are coming out with more and more eco-friendly products each year. Many commonly used supplies are being made with recycled content, compostable materials or reusable components, making it easy to switch to a more sustainable product. The next time you go to purchase an office product, consider if there is a green alternative to try. Here are a few of our favorite eco-friendly products:

Tree Zero Paper

Paper made from sugar-cane bi-products, a readily available and renewable raw material

Pilot B2P Pens

Pens made from recycled plastic bottles

BeGreen V Board Master Dry Erase Markers

Refillable dry erase makers

Scotch Greener Tape

Tape made with recycled and plant-based material

Magnum Toner

Remanufactured toner made in Seattle

To make the switch to sustainable products, filer your search by “Green Products” or look for items with the green leaf symbol on the Keeney’s website. The leaf icon indicates that the product was made with recycled content, compostable materials or is a remanufactured product.

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