Using Your Height Adjustable Desk

Prolonged sitting can have serious health implications, but so can standing for too long, especially with the wrong form. With height adjustable desks becoming more and more popular in the workplace, it is now easier to alternate between sitting and standing so you can stay healthy and comfortable all day long. Below are a few tips to get the most benefits out of your workstation.


-Keep your head directly over your shoulders and your shin level with the floor.

-Adjust your monitors so that your gaze falls in the middle of the screen.

-Stand about an arms length distance from the screen. The larger the screen, the more distance you’ll want.

-Maintain a keyboard height that is even with your elbows and maintain a 90-120 degree angle with your arms.

-Avoid flexing your wrists. Keep them in a relaxed, natural position with your fingers gently curved.

-Use an anti-fatigue mat to reduce leg discomfort and back pain associated with standing.

-Take short breaks to stretch and give your eyes a break.


Making sure you are using your height adjustable desk properly is important in receiving all the benefits and staying comfortable. If you need help getting setup or selecting accessories, the Keeney’s furniture team would love to assist!

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