First Day Essentials for New Employees

The first day for any employee can be nerve-racking. When a new worker arrives to find a fully-stocked cubicle, it is welcoming and gets them started on the right foot. Below are some first day essentials to show your new hire that your company is thoughtful, organized and wants to set you up for success.


Standard Equipment

Having your new employee’s computer and phone set up from day one allows them to get accustomed during training down time and gives them the opportunity to ask questions while they’re settling in. It also shows them what items are provided so they can order additional products like dual monitors or a wireless headset if it helps their workstyle.


Supply Basics

Everyone has their own office supply preferences but the basics will help them to get started. A pen and notepad will help them to write down new hire information they learn during training. The standards like a stapler, tape dispenser and scissors are great to have on-hand. A waste basket and recycling bin are also essentials that are often forgotten.


Login Credentials

Creating a cheat sheet with important login information for email, networks and software will help the new employee get started and will serve as a reference in the upcoming weeks.


Office Information

Supplying your new staff member with an employee handbook will help them to learn about the company culture and supply them with important policy and procedure information. If your office is multi-floor or spread out over a campus, a map will be a great reference as they get settled in. Lastly, an employee directory with job titles and contact information will be a helpful resource if they need to reach out with other team members.


In addition to the right supplies, make sure multiple employees stop by to issue a warm welcome and you’re likely to set the perfect tone. You’ve spent a lot of time and effort to get them there and you want to keep them around!