March 13, 2018

Tracking your company’s supply inventory can be tedious and time consuming work, but it’s vital to running a business. Since managing the supply room is not typically not anyone’s sole responsibility, it is often forgotten or little thought is put into ordering the supplies. By hiring a professional to manage this task, the desired inventory levels are preserved, the supplies are put away in the correct places and over time you will be able to see an accurate spend on day-to-day supplies. Utilizing outside help also frees up time for your staff and allows them to focus on the tasks they were hired to do.

Benefits of Professional Inventory Management:

Inventory Levels

Running out of essential supplies like paper can halt the work in your office so making sure inventory levels are maintained is very important. Ordering too much of a specific product is also a problem as it isn’t an efficient use of funds and takes up valuable storage space. With professional inventory management, the supplies you are low on are ordered each week so the supply room is always stocked with the necessary items.

Clean and Organized

Hiring a professional to maintain your inventory will help to keep your supply room neat and ordered. Since the same person is putting away your orders each week, items will go in the same place so everything is easy to find. Empty boxes are removed so you can see what’s available at a glance and supplies are stored in organized bins and shelves.

Accurate Budget

When supplies are maintained at a consistent level, it is easier monitor how much of a particular item you use each month and budget for supplies accordingly. With business reviews of your inventory management, you can evaluate if the quantity standards you set are accurate and adjust quantities of each product kept on hand.


If your company needs assistance maintaining consistent levels of office products, your supply room is a mess or you would like to define a clear budget for your office supplies, visit our website to see how Keeney’s can help!