January 18, 2019

Employees spend at least a third of their day at the office so creating a comfortable place for them to take a break or have lunch creates a good company atmosphere.

If possible, select a room in the building with windows and access to an outdoor space. It is also best for the location to be central for all employees. A breakroom in a dark basement that’s nowhere close to the main office isn’t going to be frequently used.

When decorating the space, select fun colors to make it feel less “office-like”, allowing employees to relax during their time there. Adding lounge furniture and large gathering tables make the room inviting and encourage team bonding.

To ensure the break room is usable, provide a fridge and microwave for storing and reheating lunches. (Bonus points for extra appliances!) A coffee maker, coffee supplies, and tea are also a nice touch your employees will appreciate. Lastly, if your budget will allows, providing snacks for when employees just can’t get away can be a life saver! Keeney’s works with Apple A Day to provide fresh fruits and vegetables each week.

Creating an appealing breakroom can be an easy and inexpensive way to show your employees you appreciate their hard work. Contact Keeney’s for everything from breakroom furniture, to compostable plates to snacks for your team.