January 25, 2019

Have you ever felt intense back pain at work from sitting all day? Or maybe you find yourself hunching over or rounding your shoulders frequently, even after you’ve left the office

A few easy stretches whenever you start to feel a knot in your neck or stiffness in your back, can be the key to the prevention of long term disability from occurring. In combination with a good ergonomic office chair, spending just a few minutes moving and stretching each day will help you to be much healthier in the long run.

Something as simple as standing periodically or as easy as stretching your arms overhead often can have major benefits when done on a regular basis.

Below are a few ergonomic exercises and stretches that can be done in the comfort of your office. The key is getting the benefits from these ergonomic exercises is to do them every day at work, so blood is allowed to circulate, and your muscles are never still for too long. It is recommended that you move around every 30 minutes.