May 3, 2019

Spring is a time to reawaken and refresh, making this the perfect time of year to clean and organize. Whether your goal is to be more relaxed or to increase your productivity, getting reorganized and de-cluttering your desk at work can help make your desk a much better place to work. Here are some tips and tricks to get organized this spring and stay organized:


Clean Your Desk Surface

You’ll need a clean slate to begin your desk spring-cleaning so start by removing everything from your desk’s surface. When cleared, give your desk a scrub down to create the best surface for you to work. You’ll be amazed at the dust that’s been lingering behind your phone and the coffee mug rings you never really noticed before.


Throw Away Anything you Don’t Need

Now that everything is off your desk, separate the items into a keep and garbage pile. Recycle any old paperwork you don’t need any more and throw away any thing that is cluttering your work area. If you’re not sure about whether you’ll need a document in the future, scan it to your computer to easily reference if needed.


Prioritize Your Supplies

Take a look at everything you have left in and on your desk and prioritize what you need more often to decide where to store it. For example, the planner you use every day should stay on top of your desk but the catalogs you reference once a month can go into a drawer. This step in organization will help you locate important items easily.


Once you’ve finished your desk spring-cleaning, don’t forget to periodically do a check on your organization. Ensuring that you’re cleaning and throwing away unnecessary papers, and other supplies throughout the year will not only keep you in the right frame of mind and also make your job next spring that much easier. Check out the selection of organizers at Keeney’s to keep your desk tidy all year long!