June 7, 2019

Developing a comprehensive health and safety checklist is an important first step in creating a safe workplace. Identifying potential hazards and developing procedures to handle them will ensure the safety of your employees and show your commitment to building a culture of safety in your workplace. Below are a few items to focus on that will ensure your office is a safe place for your employees to work.


Keep Your Office Clean and Tidy

An unclean workplace can pose a health and safety hazard. Make sure that all restrooms are kept clean and require employees to clean up after themselves in lunchrooms and cafeterias. Keeping your office free of clutter is also helpful in maintaining clear walkways and ensuring employees don’t trip on objects on the floor.


Maintain Proper Lighting

Proper lighting in office areas can help prevent eyestrain for computer workers and is necessary to avoid accidents. Outdoor lighting is also important to help create a safe journey from the workplace to the parking lot for employees and visitors. Regularly check lighting and replace light bulbs that have broken or gone out.


Enforce Safety Wear

Be sure that you have the adequate supplies of safety clothing and equipment. Depending on the nature of your workplace, this may include goggles, hard hats, gloves, hearing protection, footwear or reflective outerwear. Take the necessary steps to ensure the equipment you provide properly fits your employees and provides the necessary level of protection.


Define Emergency Procedures

Train your employees on emergency procedures such as what to do in case of a fire or worker injury. Clearly mark all exits, ensure you have the proper signage and place emergency contact numbers in plain sight. Regularly review emergency procedures and ensure all employees understand how to react.


Inspect Fire Extinguishers

Inspect your office fire extinguishers monthly to check the pressure and make sure the extinguishers are visible and easy to retrieve. Schedule annual inspections by a certified fire protection equipment company to make sure everything is functioning correctly.


Keep First-Aid Kits Stocked

Supply your workplace with a fully stocked first-aid kit that includes all of the materials you will need. Depending on the number of employees you have, you we need different supply quantities. Pre-made kits are labeled with the number of people it will support so you can choose the correct size for your office.


Stay on Top of Equipment Maintenance

Keep all machines and power tools in working order and inspect them regularly. Make sure tools aren’t rusted and check the condition of machine guards and other protective pieces. Also, be certain that all employees are properly trained to use the equipment before allowing them to work alone.


Doing a regular check of all these areas will help to maintain a safe and will be easier than doing a complete overhaul each year. If your company needs protective wear, safety signage or first aid materials, contact the Keeney’s and we will help keep your office stocked and your team safe.