July 19, 2019

We’re already over halfway through the year and have our 2020 calendars on the shelves, ready to help with planning for the upcoming year. Although our email and phone calendars are helpful for tracking meetings and appointments, using a physical calendar is useful to see commitments at a glance or as a backup when technology isn’t working.  To make the best selection for your needs, consider the features below to make the most of your calendar or day planner purchase.



Whether you are looking for a visual when planning a project timeline or need at-a-glance goal reminders, office calendars can be helpful to keep you and your team on track. If you are planning out long-term projects or goals, you will want a yearly or monthly calendar to get a larger overview of your schedule. If you need to add more detail to your calendar, daily or weekly calendars will be the most useful option for you. Desk calendars are typically small while wall mounted options are larger in size. When it comes to wall mounted calendars, you have further options, including the type of material you choose such as whiteboard or glass. Some wall-mounted calendars are magnetic, which allows you to add other accessories to help you organize further.


Day Planners

Day planners are the perfect accessory to schedule your day. Nothing beats the feeling of crossing out the items of your to-do list in your day planner. Day planners have a number of benefits including, improving time management, remembering tasks, and keeping a record of your routine. Determine the purpose of your day planner before selecting one. The variety of day planners that are available allow you to make a selection that suites your personal style. Day planners offer more and more custom options, from how your pages are organized (daily, weekly) to the aesthetic of the cover. Make sure you select a size that conveniently fits in the purse or briefcase you use daily.


Keeping organized and planning ahead are both essential to a keeping your work and personal life less chaotic. Check out our large selection of options to find the style that works best for you!