August 23, 2019

Getting a new office space is exciting but takes a lot of planning and thought. While exploring furniture options for your new space, it’s important to not only consider the aesthetics of the pieces but how the furniture will be used day-to-day. Not only is it important to make sure the size of the furniture fits in your office, but it is just as significant to consider that the furniture you are selecting will be functional for your space. Below are five tips to assure you are considering all aspects when it comes to selection furniture for your new office.

Make Room for Movement
When selecting furniture, consider how people with move within the space. When you are measuring your office before a furniture purchase, make sure that you’re also leaving yourself some extra room to easily get to your desk or open a storage cabinet. You want to be able to move around your office without injuring yourself or maneuvering in frustration. Your office should be a place that brings you to a state of focus and productivity, therefore the furniture you select will make all the difference.

Have Space to Work
Create a list tasks you do at work each day to determine what desk features will be beneficial to your everyday workflow. If your job requires you to have a lot of space to draw and design, you may need to consider a desk that’s longer with more surface space. If your job is tailored around lots of paperwork and bookkeeping, you may need to consider a desk that has storage space with shelving and drawers.

Create Storage
Desks are the primary focus when it comes to your workspace but it is important to consider if cabinets, bookcases or other accent pieces will be beneficial to your office. Each of these takes up additional space so make sure you have the space to accommodate extra furniture pieces and have enough room to open doors and drawers.

Consider Room Features
Take note of your office’s features like entryways, doorways, and outlets and determine if each feature will limit where furniture can be placed. Not every obstacle has to be a deal breaker but make sure your door has enough clearance and furniture isn’t blocking windows or walkways.

Allow for Visitors
If your office is going to be home to guests, you also have to factor that in when measuring your room for a functional fit. If your job requires you to frequently meet with clients and other guests in your office, make sure that you’re considering that as you measure your room for furniture. You want your office space to be impressionable and comfortable when clients visit your office. Also, think how many people you may need to accommodate in your office on a regular basis.

Since picking out office furniture probably isn’t something you do on a regular basis, consider consulting an expert to assist. The Keeney’s furniture team provides space planning services and can help to make sure the pieces in your offices are a perfect fit for your work style. Give us a call today to start designing your dream office!