November 1, 2019

“Dog Friendly Office” is becoming more and more common on the list of benefits companies provide to employees. Animals add a sense of happiness and playfulness to an office and have been shown to defuse stress and improve moral. While many companies are interested in becoming pet friendly, creating a work environment that is accommodating to dogs and while still remaining productive can take a lot of planning. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Survey Your Space
Before you make the announcement that everyone can bring their dog to work, make sure that your space accommodates your new furry co-workers. You will need an outdoor space that is easily accessible for bathroom breaks throughout the day. A large common area with dog gates or offices where dogs can be contained will also help to keep distractions to a minimum.

Get Everyone On Board
If you are leasing a space, get approval from your landlord before inviting dogs into the building. You should also make sure all of the staff is okay with dogs being in the office and make accommodations for anyone who is uncomfortable around or allergic to dogs.

Establish a Pet Policy
Take the time to collaborate with your team on pet policies to implement in the office. Establishing rules with keep everyone happy and safe in the office. This should include pet health requirements, designated dog areas, clean up policies and grounds for banning certain pets.

Stock Your Office with Supplies
While employees should be expected to bring their own pet supplies, keeping some essentials on hand will be helpful. Have water bowls, waste pickup bags and extra leashes available for pet owners. You should also stock up on lint rollers, carpet cleaner and air fresheners to keep the office fresh and clean.

While setting up a dog-friendly office has some initial challenges, your dog-loving employees will thank you and it may even help to attract new talent. Once your dog-friendly office policy is in place, make sure to order some treats to welcome your new furry co-workers!