November 15, 2019

While the season of giving offers plenty of fun and merriment, it can also create stress and overwhelm many people. So how can you help keep your team merry and bright? Studies have shown that giving to others- in form of time, gifts or money- lifted the givers’ happiness an makes them feel more connected to their community. Helping your people help others during the holiday months can boost employee engagement and provide a great opportunity to showcase your values as a company.

Need inspiration? Here are a few ways your company can help your team give back this holiday season:

Collect Donations
Organizing a food drive or toy collection is a great way to give employees the opportunity to help others in the community. You can also connect with local organizations to be involved in holiday specific giving campaigns. Keeney’s partners with Lake City Holiday Project each year to “adopt children” and fulfill their holiday wish lists.

Volunteer as a Team
Not only does volunteering give back to the community, it is also a great activity for team building. Contact a local food bank, shelter or non-profit organization to setup a time for your team to come in. If you don’t have a chance to volunteer before the holidays, King County United Way’s MLK Day of Service in January is a great opportunity to get involved in the community and is the Keeney’s team’s favorite volunteer day.

Donate to Local Charities
There are many different organizations to give to in the community and various causes that each employee is passionate about. A great way to spread the cheer and let team members decide which organizations receive their support is to give employees charity gift cards. Another way to support your staff’s favorite organizations is to set up a matching program for monetary donations.

Whether you plan to host a giving event, organize volunteer opportunities or donate to local organizations, your team (and community) will appreciate your generosity during the holiday season!