December 13, 2019

With 2020 quickly approaching, the Pantone Color of the Year has been announced as “Classic Blue.” The mellow, rich blue relays a sense of peace and calmness, providing a dependable and stable foundation for the new year. Follow the trend and incorporate Classic Blue into your office space to create a tranquil atmosphere.

Furniture Pieces

While the color of the year is typically trendy, this timeless color will be around for years to come so it is safe to incorporate it into your office color scheme in more “permanent” applications. Office chairs, lounge furniture and storage pieces are typically available in a variety of fabrics and finishes and are a fun way to add a pop of color.


While artwork can be a financial investment, it is easy to change if you get tired of it or decide it looks outdated. By keeping the rest of your office in neutral tones, the color in your artwork will stand out and take center stage.

Accent Pieces

To incorporate color without the commitment, add accent pieces like rugs, throw pillow and planters to keep your color scheme up-to-date and trendy. Office supplies also come in a variety of colors and are an inexpensive way to add color.

Start the new year in a calm state of mind by integrating “Classic Blue” tones into your office. Reach out to our design specialists to start incorporating color into your workspace today!