December 20, 2019

The holiday season is a busy time! While you may be focused on finding the perfect recipe for your holiday gathering or shopping for gifts, remember to set up a few automated messages at work to notify customers of your business’s modified hours and closures. Be sure to include information on your personal vacation time as well if you are taking extra days off to travel and spend time with family.

Send an Email Notification

Compose an email for all your customers notifying them of any changes to your hours or schedule over the holidays. You can combine the information with your ‘Happy Holidays’ message to eliminate additional messages in their inboxes.

Schedule an Automatic Response

Set an out of office email with a notice of the days you will be gone as well as the days your business will be closed. If your business has extended or shortened hours around the holidays, include that information as well. You can also add a message to your signature to notify customers in the days leading up to the closures.

Change your Phone Message

Update the main phone line at your business to inform customers of your holiday hours and closures. Adding a reminder message in the days leading up to closures will help customers to plan ahead.

Edit your Google Listing

The hours on you Google business listing can be updated to reflect different hours of operation. This will be very helpful if you are a retailer or restaurant so patrons can plan their shopping to holiday meals.

Post a Notice Online

Be sure to include a notice on your website the days your business will be closed. If customers will be shopping on your website for gifts, include clear deadlines for orders to arrive before the holidays. Post holiday hours on your social media accounts as well to inform customers of closures.

With these quick updates, your customers will know what to expect from your business and you can focus on holiday festivities! As a reminder, Keeney’s will be closed December 24-25, December 31 and January 1.