January 17, 2020

Plants do more than make an office visually pleasing. These decorative features can also improve indoor air quality, boost productivity, and enhance your health. Add some greenery to your office today and start reaping the benefits listed below!

Improve Health

Plants naturally filter toxins from the areas they grow in, helping to clean the air in your office. In addition, plants have also have a calming effect on workers, boosting your team’s mental health.

Boost Creativity & Productivity

Bright colors and vibrant smells can provide inspiration and help to avoid creative blocks. Studies have also found that employees perform better and have an easier time staying focused in offices with houseplants and wall decor.

Reduce Noise

Similar to rugs and upholstered furniture, plants can help absorb noise in open offices. Position large planter pots in between rooms to define areas and reduce the amount of noise carried from space to space.

Before you purchase plants for your office, make sure to research the best plants for particular spaces. Specific environmental things to note are how much sunlight a room gets and the average temperature of the space. Be sure to put a watering plan is place as well so you can enjoy these benefits for years to come!