February 7, 2020

There are many reasons to buy a height-adjustable desk but with so many choices, it can be a challenge to find the best fit for your needs and budget. When choosing a sit-stand desk, consider the five factors below:

Ease of Movement

To adjust your sit-stand desk, you can either choose an electric version or crank model. Electric desks are easier to use and often are programmable to certain heights. Crank models are typically less expensive and don’t require being near a power source but are harder to adjust.

Height and Width

Desk tops come in a variety of different sizes so consider the amount of space you have in your work area as well as how much surface you will require. You should also think about the maximum and minimum heights you will need. While most desks come in a wide range, it you are petite or extra tall, you may need an extended range to be comfortable.

Noise Levels

Electric height-adjustable desks come with a noise rating for the motor that adjusts the desk. If you are in a private office, noise won’t be an issue but desks in a shared space should be as quiet as possible as to not disturb nearby colleagues.


Height-adjustable bases and tops come in a variety of different finishes so you should be able to find a look that compliments your other office furniture. Adding privacy screens can help define spaces and add pops of color as well. Make sure to add wire management and storage pieces so your spaces have clean lines and look uncluttered.


Don’t get rid of your office chair! While sitting all day can is unhealthy, standing all day can be too. Pairing accessories like gels mats and perching stools will help to avoid leg fatigue when standing and keep you comfortable all day long. When switching to a sit-stand desk, remember to alternate throughout the day and gradually build up your standing times.

While using a sit-stand desk can be beneficial to your health, choosing the right one is essential. For assistance selecting a desk, contact the Keeney’s team today! Our furniture experts can find a desk that meets your needs and looks great in your workspace.

*Product shown: AIS Aloft Height Adjustable Desking