February 14, 2020

Hosting an off-site meeting can be an exciting change of scenery for your team but it means a lot more thought needs to go into preparing. Since you will not be at your office with access to your desk, printer and supply room, you need to think ahead about everything that will be needed for the day. Take a look at the list below to make sure you are prepared for your next off-site meeting.

Office Supplies

Pack a box of basic office supplies you will need (or might need) throughout the day. Remember to include scissors, pens, tape, Sharpies and note pads. If you are bringing together groups that don’t typically work together, pack name tags so attendees can easily mingle. You hopefully won’t need a first aid kit but pack one in your boxes just in case.

Meeting Materials

Make sure you have enough meeting handouts for all attendees and print extras in case you have last-minute sign ups. If you are presenting a slideshow or videos, be sure to add a copy of each onto a USB drive in case you have computer issues. A printed list of meeting attendees as well as a printed agenda may also come in handy.

Technology Accessories

The most commonly forgotten items for off-site meetings are technology accessories. Remember to bring computer and phone charging cables, connecting cords, a portable speaker if the room is not wired, a projector and a presentation remote. Packing batteries and extra power strips is also a good idea.

Moving Equipment

Lastly, think about the logistics of getting all your materials to and from the meeting. A hand truck or cart will be helpful in moving everything in quickly, without straining your back. If you are bringing a lot of things, make sure you have room in your car or arrange for an alternate way to get everything to your meeting site.

By planning ahead, it will help to relieve some of the stress and make for a seamless guest experience. If you are hosting several off-site meetings each year, keep all the items listed above together in a tote to eliminate the need to re-pack for each event and ensure you don’t forget anything. Check before each meeting for any items needing to be restocked!

*Product shown: AIS Day to Day