Minimizing Office Noise

As open-plan offices become more popular, many of us are used to working in a crowded space and dealing with excessive office noise. Open spaces can be beneficial for collaborating with others, but for focused work, they can often hinder productivity. Here are a few ways to minimize noise and make your office a productive place to work:

Install Acoustical Panels

Hanging acoustical clouds from the ceiling or mounting acoustical panels on your walls will help to absorb noise and control sound reverberation. With a large variety of shapes, colors and sizes available, these fixtures can also double as art and add pops of color to your space.

Purchase a Sound Masking System

While the concept of adding more noise may seem counter-productive, adding consistent, low-level ambient noise to the workplace makes it harder to hear side conversations that can be distracting.

Add Floor Coverings

Adding rugs or carpet squares to concrete or tile flooring is an easy way to minimize noise in your space. Like acoustical panels, the fabric will help to absorb sound and make office chatter less distracting.

Designate Quiet Workspaces

Products like phone booths and meeting pods will allow employees to get away from all the noise to make phone calls, have private conversations and get focused work done.

With a few simple steps, you can make your office a great place to get work done. For more ideas on minimizing noise, contact Keeney’s team of Furniture Specialists!


*Pictured: EzoBord Work Zone Divider

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