Having on On-Site Customer Service Team Improves the Customer Experience

Having an issue with a product or service you received is bad enough but seeing a 1-800 number as the customer service line is equally as cringe worthy. Communication problems, lack of knowledge and inflexible solutions can make a frustrating situation even more infuriating. At Keeney’s, we feel providing outstanding customer service is essential so we take pride in having an in-office customer service team available to help via phone, email or live chat.

Unlike most call center workers, our customer service team is very knowledgeable about the products we sell and how to use our online ordering system. They are also able to help find specific items quickly and have access to a team of supplies and furniture experts if they aren’t sure of an answer.

Being on-site also means they have the ability to consult the management team on unusual requests and get you a resolution quickly instead of giving you a scripted response or a promise that a supervision will call you back. The team is also in regular contact with our delivery drivers so delivery instructions can be relayed seamlessly.

Lastly (and we feel most importantly), having an on-site team means you receive personalized service. You speak with the same three team members each time you contact us so they are familiar with your company and needs.

Contacting customer service should be a great experience and at Keeney’s you will always be greeted with a friendly, knowledgeable and resourceful team member to help meet your needs.

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