Advantages of Working with a Small Business

Utilizing small businesses is ultimately good for your community but it can have several advantages for the customer as well. Small businesses are more likely than chains to support to local organizations, deliver quick solutions, provide personal interactions and offer specialized services you can’t find anywhere else. Here are a few ways you as the consumer will benefit from choosing a small business:


Support Community

Small businesses tend to give back to their local area by supporting local non-profits, donating to schools, and attending charity functions. Since they are not spending money on national advertising campaigns, they are able to sponsor local events or organizations as a way to get their name out and network within the community. Because small businesses are a part of the community, they are invested in helping their town thrive. Keeney’s provides supplies, donations and volunteer time to various organizations in the Puget Sound.


No Bureaucracy

Because of the uncomplicated structure of many small businesses, decisions are able to be made quickly without waiting for a question to move up the corporate chain. Small businesses are also able to have flexibility on policies unlike corporate companies so issues can be addressed and handled on a case by case basis. The staff at a small business has access to the key decision makers or owner and can get the right people involved if a customer needs additional assistance. At Keeney’s, our President is very involved in customer matters and is often in attendance at customer meetings and events.


Personal Interactions

Due to the size of the staff as a small business, customers get a more personal experience. Clients speak with consistent contacts so they don’t need to repeat their history and their needs are already known by the team. At Keeney’s, customers work with the same customer service team members, have consistent drivers delivering their products and have designated account representatives to service their needs.


Specialized services

Small business are more likely assist a company that needs a unique service than a chain store. With the flexibility of a small business, they are able to create specialized services and get them implemented quickly to meet a customer’s needs. Due to the need of some of our customers, Keeney’s has created programs to offer desk top delivery, inventory management and custom web pages.


Whether you’re starting a new project or looking to change your supplies or furniture provider, give the Keeney’s team a call and we will show you first hand the special small business experience.

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