Buy Local, Buy Personal


On a weekly basis, I am forwarded emails from supervisors and management with glowing compliments about the Keeney’s team. After using some of the customer feedback for a recent proposal, we decided these praises should be shared with the entire staff, as a reminder of the great work everyone does each day. As I began copying each email to the large glass board in the breakroom, I noticed a common theme. Although we offer competitive pricing, a wide variety of products and free delivery, none of the comments were about that. Over and over, the level of personal touch, friendly interactions and attentive service were highlighted.

“I really appreciate you going the extra mile for us! Again, your stellar customer service is most appreciated.”

“Your install team was just great…professional and courteous through the whole process. They did an awesome job.”

“The Keeney’s team really cannot be beat – The pinnacle of customer service!”

“Just when I think I’ve met all of the wonderful people at Keeney’s you surprise me with another one!”

At the end of the day, Keeney’s and other small, local businesses offer something that the big box stores and online retailers can’t compete with: a personal touch. When customers have questions, they talk to the same three, knowledgeable customer service reps that know customers’ children’s names and upcoming vacation plans. Each time a customer places an order, they have the comfort of knowing that the same delivery driver who knows exactly where they like their supplies placed will be there with a big smile on their face and a friendly greeting. When a new office is being setup, the customer knows the experienced install team will be on time and will ensure everything is perfect before they leave. Customers want to buy personal and I believe that have been a contributing factor to Keeney’s customer retention for 70 years and counting.

Lindsey Thompson, Marketing Specialist

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