Economic Impact of Shopping Local

In addition to being more sustainable and helping to support small businesses, shopping local helps to provide a positive economic impact on your community. Local stores recycle a much larger share of their sales revenue back into the local economy while chains funnel most of the dollars spent at their stores back to corporate headquarters or to distant suppliers. According to a study done by Civic Economics, if you were to spend $100 at an independent business, $68 dollars would go back into the community versus only $48 at a big box retailer.

Due to the following factors, local retailers are putting 20% more back into the local economy, strengthening the community.

  • Local businesses spend a larger share of their revenue on local labor
  • Local retailers spend more than twice as much buying goods and services from other local businesses. They typically bank locally, hire local professionals, advertise in local media, and source inventory from local firms.
  • Since the owners live in the area, a larger portion of the business’s profits stay within the local economy
  • On average, independent businesses donate more to local charities and community organizations than chains

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, consider purchasing bouquets from a local florist, selecting a unique gift from a store in town or enjoying dinner at an independently owned restaurant with local flavors!

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