Partnering With Local Schools

Schools are an important part of every community so partnering with elementary schools, high schools or colleges is a great way to give back to your local area. While businesses can provide funding, supplies and industry expertise, schools are able to offer future workers and brand awareness, making the partnership a win-win. Below are a few simple ways to support your local schools.

Give Supplies or Monetary Donations
Depending on the type of business you are, your company may be able to provide your local school with supplies or services at a free or discounted rate. For example, Keeney’s partners with a local elementary school to provide presentation materials for their science fair. If that type of donation isn’t a fit, you can sponsor a a table at a fundraising event or provide the school with a monetary donation.

Showcase Projects or Lend Expertise
Another way to partner with a local school is to help students present their work outside the classroom. If your business is open to the public, collaborate with a local art class to showcase students’ pieces. You can also work with a local school to help students learn how a real business operates. For example, Keeney’s works with a local college to help students develop business plans.

Provide Internships
Another great way to help educate students about possible career paths is to offer internships with local colleges. Internships provide students with real life experience for their resume and help to teach them a specialized set of skills. Companies frequently hire former interns since they have more industry specific experience than the competition and have proved their abilities. These relationships are a win-win for both the students and employers.

Businesses and schools have a lot to offer one another. Whether companies want to donate some much-needed school supplies or provide firsthand experience to students, these relationships help strengthen the ties between communities and the businesses that serve them. If your school would like to partner with Keeney’s during the upcoming school year, please reach out to our team to start the discussion on how we can work together.

*Pictured: OFS Applause, Genus and Layer

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