Office Relocation

Moving your office can seem like a daunting task but if you take the time to get organized and make a plan, it will be a much better experience for everyone involved. Consider the steps below make your move as smooth as possible for your team.


Make a plan

The first thing you want to do is create a plan to make your move as smooth as possible. This can include creating a schedule, distributing responsibilities among your team, and putting together checklists. When developing your plan, make sure you consider everyone involved in the move, including your management team, employees, and additional help you may be hiring for the move. This plan will help you see any gaps and how you should address them.


Invest in furniture

An office move is a great chance to upgrade your office furniture. When selecting new furniture, consider how it will fit into the new space, the functionality of each area and the overall look you are trying to achieve in your new office. Custom furniture can take a few months to pick out and have made so start the process as soon as you have your new space secured.


Update your technology

It’s essential that your technology doesn’t get interrupted with your move. Ensure that your IT team is on-board and prepared to make any adjustments with the move. This is also an ideal time to update some of your technology such as phones, printers or computers.


Order packing supplies

If you’ve decided to pack your office supplies and furniture in-house, you’ll need to have all your packing supplies ready, including boxes, bubble wrap, tape and labels. Remember to categorize and label all your boxes to make unpacking easier.


Purchase cleaning supplies

Order all the cleaning supplies your team will need to get your old space ready for the next tenant and your new office move-in-ready. Make sure you also arrange for disposal or recycling of anything you are not taking to the new space.


Moving can take a lot of planning but at the end of the day, your new office will give your team a space to work more efficiently. Contact the Keeney’s team today to make the transition as seamless as possible!

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