Preparing Your Tradeshow Booth

Having a booth at a tradeshow is a both an investment of your time and money so you want to get the most out of the event. To prepare, consider how your information will be displayed, what items you will hand out and what information you want to relay to attendees visiting your exhibit. Here are a few tips to ensure a successful tradeshow:

Setup Attention Grabbing Displays

To help your booth stand out, add colorful tablecloths and tabletop décor. Large scale signs with your name and logo draw attendees in and help those who are looking for your booth to locate it quickly. Video monitors displaying your products and services can also help get attention and double as a useful sales tool once attendees are engaged.

Bring Giveaways & Sales Materials

Have plenty of giveaways at you booth! Stock up on pens, notepads, drinkware and other fun logoed handouts to help your visitors remember your company.   Offering drinks or snacks will also send people your way. (Bonus if the packaging contains your company information!) Check out our promo store to get ideas for branded items:

Creating a drawing for a prize brings people to your booth and helps to get follow-up contact information. Make sure you also bring lots of business cards and company brochures so attendees can get in touch with you after the show.

Staff your Booth with a Knowledgeable Team

Having a team on-site that knows your product or services well is essential to a having a successful tradeshow experience. It helps in creating more engaging conversation with potential customers and shows that your company has expertise in your field. Be ready to demo any products you are showcasing and bring handouts for attendees that are interested in learning more.

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