Safety Promotional Items

Promotional products are undoubtedly an important part of a marketing campaign, but adding a logo to a product that will keep workers safe becomes incredibly invaluable. In honor of National Safety Month, we’ve put together a list of safety-minded promotional items that will be useful for your customers and your staff.

First Aid Supplies

Personal first aid kits and reusable cold packs are great to have on hand and are something customers will keep for future use so they are reminded of your company after the tradeshow is over.

First Aid Kit

Cold Pack


Summer Products

Promotional items that protect against the summer elements are also useful to customers and will help to keep your company in mind all summer long.


Insect Repellent

Protective Gear

Logoed safety gear will show that you are dedicated to keeping your team protected and will be helpful for your customers as well. Reflective outerwear, safety vests and hard hats are all items that will be used frequently industry by those in the construction and won’t be thrown away. Some other safety ideas that everyone can use are reflective bracelets and earplugs.

Reflective Bracelets


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